Welcome to Facesbyxio! My name is Xiomara, but most of my family and friends call me Xio. I am all things beauty. Whether it be  new trends or old classical looks. To me makeup and fashion is more then just picking something you like, it is a way of  self expression! ok, it may not be that serious to you, but you know what I mean. A lil effort and thought goes along way. All in all, true beauty has a balance between inner and outer beauty and I’m really hoping my blog will bring you a balance of both.

I think what I like most about beauty is how diverse it is. “Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.” Ola Joseph

As a makeup artist I am always striving to find those hidden treasures that sometimes we don’t see in our selves.  I love making people feel their absolute best. Facesbyxio.com is an innovative blog wanting to connect with people around the world to share my expertise and to keep learning more about the one thing that has brought us together, diverse beauty.

Thank you for visiting facesbyxio!

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